Our Story

TAHU is a Vape Brand by Belgian E-Liquid production company REAL LIQUID. After the rising demand for nic salt flavors in Europe, they noticed most of the nic salt brands out their had very plain flavor and nothing out there was really exciting in their opinion.

Based on those observations, they started in their state-of-the-art production facility to experiment in creating a line-up of exciting and pure (pure meaning ‘Tahu’ in Arabic) flavors that would deliver a satisfying hit WITH great flavor.

After completing the line-up there was decided that the flavors were so good, it would make a lot of sense to release these flavors in a shake & vape format aswel so everyone could enjoy these since not everyone is keen on typical nic salt devices.

The shake & vape TAHU liquids will hit the market in early 2019, followed close behind by the TAHU nic salt liquids.

We hope everyone will enjoy what we’ve created because we are very proud of this brand!